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Complete Cleaning Package for Sydney Spaces

One Direction Australia is an elite Cleaning and Facility Management Company founded in 2010. For over a decade, the company has grown assiduously by achieving every milestone to reach this prominent position. We take pride in building and maintaining the company’s reputation in Sydney. A team of master cleaners has been offering cleaning services to apartments, high rise buildings, and various commercial sectors for a long way.

We are experienced and dealt with different challenges during our growth. We are delighted to serve our customers across Sydney. Happy and satisfying is our aim. Accordingly, we have designed a systematic and organized cleaning plan, detailing each service. Avail our professional help for a convenient and flexible schedule. We disagree with low standard cleaning items. We incline towards using only quality items and modern tools to deliver incredibly cleaned interiors and exteriors.

Our Brand Values

  • Handle and supervise complex undertaking
  • Being accountability for all our works & handle with responsibility
  • Committed to conveying excellence
  • Carry a friendly attitude
  • Integrity and genuineness
  • Openness, passion and loyalty
  • Being straightforward and transparent

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